Leave a Gift in your Will, set up Legacy & Memorial Funds

Make a lasting impact on your community

Our specialist team can work with you or your loved ones to provide support to the causes that matter to you. 

Set Up A Legacy Fund

  • An everlasting gift to the county and communities of Herefordshire.
  • Give in perpetuity to the causes you care about by making a single gift that keeps on giving, i.e. an endowment fund.
  • Work in confidence with our specialist team to fulfil your wishes.
  • With your solicitor’s advice, write the details of your Legacy Fund into your will, including details of the specific causes and/or geographic areas you wish to support.
  • Make a positive long-term difference.
  • Remove burden on family and friends regarding legal & fiscal responsibilities
  • A brilliant way to invest in the county for future generations. 
  • Avoid the administrative burden of setting up a separate charitable legacy trust/foundation with the Charity Commission.

Leave a gift in your will

  • Alternatively, you could leave a cash gift to HCF in your will, e.g. cash, shares or assets.
  • Ensures your gift is spent locally.
  • It’s easy to include instructions, if desired, on how you wish your gift to be used, such as identifying key causes.
  • Enables us to keep on helping Herefordshire’s communities.
  • Ensures it is easy for family and friends to follow your wishes.

To have a fund managed by HCF makes perfect sense to us. Starting a charity from scratch takes a huge amount of work and due diligence which as well as working full time would have its added pressures. This way we can solely focus on raising money and know that it is in the safest possible hands and going to the causes that matter to us as a family

Laura Hughes, George’s Fund

Tax-efficient giving

Charitable gifts and Legacy Funds are free of inheritance tax and reduce the taxable portion of your estate.

Remember someone special with a Memorial Fund

  • Honour the memory of a loved one in a beautiful, long-lasting way.
  • Make a difference to a cause that would be close to their heart.
  • We work at your pace, making arrangements as quickly or slowly as you wish. If needed, we can set up a fund in a matter of days.
  • Create a positive, personal focus for family and friends.
  • Decide if you would like to invite donations, we are on hand to advise how to maximise Gift Aid.  
  • Avoid the administrative burden of setting up a separate charitable memorial trust/foundation with the Charity Commission.