Transfer your Trust to HCF

We can help if you have a Fund which is difficult to manage or has become inactive. The good work and purpose remain, but we take on the day-to-day administration and management.

Why transfer your
Trust to HCF?

  • We are skilled at managing Trust transfers
  • We work with the Charity Commission
  • We alleviate the burden of responsibility 

Revitalising Trusts 

We work with inactive or dormant trusts to unlock their funds and enable them to support good causes. Several charities and trusts have been transferred to us after struggling to distribute funds for public benefit.

There are many reasons that a charitable trust or foundation may not be working as intended. Common issues include:

  • Administrative duties are burdensome
  • Difficult to recruit new trustees
  • Outdated aims make it hard to identify beneficiaries
  • Lack of time to manage grants

Endorsed by the Charity Commission

Our membership body – UK Community Foundations – has been selected by the Charity Commission of England & Wales as the main partner in a nationwide project to revitalise funds. This provides assurance that undertake due diligence and follow best practice.

How HCF can help?

Make the most of our experience managing funds and supporting local worthy causes. Every trust is different so the way we approach your transfer will depend on your unique situation.

  • We can run your scheme it its own right – usually retaining the original name – or merge with similar funds, if preferred
  • We focus on staying true to the original intent of your trust, whilst updating to meet contemporary needs
  • We can take on all of the responsibility or work alongside previous trustees, for example, to make decisions about grants
  • We take on all administrative, fiscal and legal duties; including professional auditing and annual returns to the Charity Commission and Companies House.


We also work with trusts and foundations, both established and new, which would like to outsource part or all of their grant-making.

This is a great way to access our expert local knowledge and due diligence to ensure your funds are targeted at those in most need.

Case Studies: Trust Transfers

Find out about trusts which have moved to HCF.

By transferring our trust to HCF’s portfolio, we improved our administrative effectiveness and our reach. Meanwhile, we have remained an integral part of the decision-making.

The Joanie’s Trust

We initially asked HCF to take over the management of our grants but our trust remained independent. After two years we were very happy with the service and decided to hand over the whole management to HCF with Bulmer family members remaining involved through the grants panel.

The Becket Bulmer Trust

An ancient charity, believed to date back to the English Civil War, was struggling to make enough grants. HCF was described by trustees as “the answer to our prayers” when they realised the burdens of fund management and grant-making could be transferred to us.

The Much Marcle United Fund

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