The HCF team is always available to provide guidance and support with regard to funding applications. We have also prepared these tips to help you prepare your application.

Get prepared

Here are the key things we ask about in our grant application form. It’s good to start thinking in advance about your answers. 

  • About your organisation: Tell us about your overall objectives and purpose; the activities or services you provide, plus details about the organisation’s experience and the impact of your work.
  • About the project: What need(s) will be addressed by your project/ activity, and what evidence have you collected to demonstrate this need? When will your project take place and where?
  • About the people you will help: Who will benefit from the project, what positive changes will your activity/project make, and how will you measure these?
  • About the skills of your group/organisation: Tell us why you are best placed to deliver the project/activity, and why you believe you can make it successful.
  • About the funding: We need to know how much money you are asking for and what you expect to spend it on. We will also ask about the total cost of your project and any other sources of support. We may ask for 2 or 3 quotes for single items of expenditure above £1,000 or for whole project costs carried out by contractors.

Refining your application

If you imagine yourself as a member of our assessment panel, this will help you plan and write a better application. 
Thinking of your application from the panel’s point of view really helps make sure you’ve presented your idea in a clear way.

  • Does your application provide clear evidence of a need to be addressed?
  • What is the financial position and sustainability of your organisation?
  • Does your project appear achievable?
  • What do your references say about your organisation and its ability to deliver a successful project?
  • How does the activity fit with existing services/activities in the community?
  • Does the activity represent value for money, and does it have a reasonable budget?
  • What is your filing history at Companies House and the Charity Commission? Have any complaints been raised against your charity?