Information for Professional Advisors

We invite professional advisors to partner with us to fulfil their clients’ philanthropic aims and easily manage their charitable giving. 

A trusted philanthropic partner

With our 21-year track record, HCF works with solicitors, accountants, financial advisors and wealth managers to facilitate their clients’ charitable giving.

  • Give to a wide range of community causes
  • Access flexible funding options 
  • Potential to benefit from preferential rates & greater returns

A personalised service, individual to your client

We work with you and your client to develop a tailored approach to their charitable giving. We can provide short-term solutions that create immediate impact, as well as long-term funds which make a lasting difference.

Everyone’s circumstances are different. Our team is on hand to talk through the options and plan out scenarios, from estate planning and tax-efficient giving to the sale of a business.

Targeted, impartial giving

Partnering with HCF  gives you access to our deep understanding of the county and its communities. This means we connect your clients’ funding with those causes that are most in need. 

We have found that many professional advisors like the fact that we support a wide variety of community activities. It means that when clients ask them to recommend a charity, they are secure in the knowledge that we are a long-standing community foundation which gives to many worthy causes.

Cost-effective giving

HCF handles the administration associated with donations, so the cost and the burden of administering a fund do not fall on your client in the way it would if they were to set up a charitable trust.

We invest & distribute funds on behalf of your clients

One option is to set up a Named Fund or to contribute to an existing Fund.

Support good causes

We have superb local knowledge, conduct due diligence on grant applications and measure the impact of funding.

A safe investment

We invest in many funds at one time, often benefiting from preferential rates and greater returns as well as ensuring the overall welfare of the fund.


HCF offers the flexibility of a bespoke charitable trust but with all the administrative and reporting responsibilities taken care of by our team.

Explore other ways your clients can give 

  • Leave a legacy or gift in their will 
  • Make a one-off charitable gift
  • Transfer an existing trust to us

Book an appointment 

If you are a professional advisor and wish to find out more about our services, please drop us a line and we’ll arrange a call or meeting.