Read the latest feedback from our beneficiaries.

On behalf of the students, staff and customers at The Royal National College for the Blind (RNC) and thePoint4, please accept our deep appreciation for your very generous grant of £3,000. The grant will go towards the purchase of a pair of team shelters for use adjacent to the astro pitch – a much requested improvement, particularly by the coaches of local community football teams. We are most appreciative of your continued support. 

Royal National College for the Blind, June 2023 (Iron Fund)

Your grant of £3,500 will fund the Savvy & Successful Project, which will empower 70 young people to escape the cycle of poverty and make a new life for themselves. The project Savvy & Successful will teach these young people to make success of themselves on their own merits, regardless of what happens at home. It will empower them with the knowledge that they deserve, employment opportunities so they can succeed. On behalf of our staff and users, we express our deep appreciation for partnering in empowering young people to succeed.

Young & Inspired, June 2023 (Joanies)

Thank you so much for your generous funding of our trip to Hay Festival…it meant that we could take extra staff to take some of the pressure off crowd-managing the students.  We were able to take nearly 90 students and they described it as  ‘the best day ever!’.

Aylestone School, May 2023 (Herefordshire Education Fund)

On behalf of BCHA, thank you for your fantastic donation to support our work. Your kind donation helps us in our mission to improve the support available to young people experiencing disadvantages. The support of grant funders is a lifeline to BCHA. Thank you again for your support, we appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Bournemouth Churches Housing Association, May 2023 (Joanies)