Give as a Business

We offer an alternative approach to corporate giving, enabling your business to channel support to causes that are important to you and your team, whilst minimising the administration.

A professional way to give

HCF provides practical advice regarding your options to give as a  business and can provide day-to-day management to ensure your charitable funds make a real difference within the county.

  • An impartial approach to giving 
  • Create a positive impact locally
  • Retain control but reduce administration 
  • Saves you from handling funding requests
  • A great way to help meet your Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) goals

Why work with HCF?

Tap into our 21-year track record as well as our experience of working with corporates and their financial advisors to find a tailored solution for your business giving. 

We make it easy for you to channel your support towards particular causes, whilst minimising the administrative burden.  We can also recommend a range of community activities and conduct all due diligence so that you know your funds are being put to good use.

We can help you give locally

Start a Named Fund

Establish your own corporate Fund and distribute the dividend income as grants or opt for the flow-through model where money raised is distributed right away. Hybrid schemes are also available.

Join our new Fund

We are setting up a new Fund to make it easy for local companies to collectively give and support the county.

Safe online fundraisers

If you are raising money via JustGiving or similar sites then our charitable status ensures all donations are safe.

Get involved
with grant-making

Many businesses like to play an active role in fundraising and grant-making. We very much encourage this approach as it is a great way for your team to enhance their local knowledge, share their priorities with us and feel personally invested in making a difference locally.

Let’s discuss how you can give as a business

To explore your options, contact our CEO, Bridie Sullivan

Tel: 01432 272550 Email: