Our Vision

Building a stronger Herefordshire

Herefordshire Community Foundation is focused on building strong, resilient, confident and well-supported communities across the county. To achieve this goal, we are committed to providing responsive, effective grant-making as well as offering inspirational giving and philanthropy opportunities.

Our Aims


To fund local good causes and provide timely, responsive support to those who are in greatest need.


To inspire charitable giving and philanthropy via a range of channels to meet current and future community need. 


To act as leaders in the community, to inspire others and to champion partnership and collaborative working.


To be a well-run, effective and efficient charity which meets all regulatory and legislative requirements.

Local context &

Herefordshire is a largely rural county, with the fourth lowest resident population density in England (estimated at 187,100) and a higher proportion of older working-age adults than younger working age adults. 

Herefordshire residents are generally healthy, safe and enjoy living here. However there is local deprivation principally  focused around:

  • Relatively low economic output and low wages
  • Affordability of housing
  • Physical barriers to accessing services and facilities
  • Poor social mobility, Herefordshire is the 20th worst Local Authority area in England, partially driven by low wages and high transport costs
  • Limited life chances for disadvantaged children
  • Fuel poverty affects more households (14%) than the England  national average (11%) and is set to increase.
  • Limited access to arts, culture, heritage and sports activities

Our Values

We Areā€¦

  • Ethical, honest & act with integrity
  • Accountable to donors & other stakeholders
  • Trusted by those who invest with us
  • Inclusive, open, equitable & fair
  • Responsive, proactive & innovative
  • Trusting those we fund to do their best with the funds we provide
  • Committed to using all resources effectively to ensure maximum impact
  • Always listening, learning and keeping well-informed, using our community partners as trusted ambassadors & reliable sources of information when assessing grant applications
  • Keen to recognise the vital contribution made by the voluntary, community and social enterprise (VCSE) sector in supporting communities, including those in greatest need