What we do

We give grants to build stronger communities

Our aim is to build stronger communities in Herefordshire. We give grants to worthy causes and individuals, using funds donated by local residents, families and businesses. We also administer grant-making programmes on behalf of Herefordshire Council, the Government and other funding bodies.

We understand Herefordshire & its challenges

We give grants to make a difference to the lives of vulnerable, isolated and disadvantaged people in Herefordshire. Our deep understanding of the county – and the issues it faces – means we are perfectly placed to identify and address local needs. We can also quickly set up emergency appeals in relation to crisis situations.

To further shine a light on areas which require our support, we regularly commission a Vital Signs Report to benchmark Herefordshire against neighbouring counties in relation to ten core indicators, from housing to healthy living.

We raise funds in Herefordshire for Herefordshire. We connect local people who care with causes that matter and then give grants to help those most in need. It’s a wonderful virtuous circle of giving which supports and strengthens our county.

Frank Myers MBE, Chairman

We invest & distribute local funds

We enable local giving and inspire philanthropy by connecting people who care with causes that matter. The grants we give come from three principal sources: 


Similar to Charitable Trusts, we invest capital on behalf of local individuals or families and then distribute the dividend income as grants to the causes they care about. These funds provide lasting support as they build up over family generations. They can also be set up in memory of someone special.


We regularly run fundraising appeals which attract donations from Herefordshire’s residents and businesses who are keen to make a difference. Others offer support to the local community by leaving HCF a gift in their wills.


We are also frequently appointed to administer funding programmes on behalf of other funders. They leverage our local knowledge to ensure their money is directed to those most in need. 

We’re a safe pair of hands

Established in 2002, we have a 22-year track record of raising funds in Herefordshire to support Herefordshire. To date, we have given over
£6.5 million in grants to local charities, voluntary organisations, community groups and individuals.

  • Ethics
  • Honesty
  • Integrity

A globally tried & tested formula

There are community foundations all over the world. They work in defined geographical areas to connect philanthropic people with local causes that matter. They build endowments and generate funds to support community needs and local organisations making a difference. Community foundations offer grant-making programmes funded by donations and also distribute grants from other funding bodies.

Accredited UK network

There are 47 community foundations in the UK. Together we look after every corner of the country and are the nation’s fourth largest funder.  As part of the UKCF Quality Accreditation Programme, UK community foundations are regularly, rigorously and independently assessed.

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