Who Can Apply?

Before submitting an application, read our application FAQs to check you meet our eligibility criteria.

What does HCF fund?

Herefordshire Community Foundation offers support across a wide range of themes.

These include projects/activities related to:

  • Children & Young People
  • Culture
  • Community Cohesion
  • Disabled People
  • Education Training
  • Rural
  • Environment
  • Health & Wellbeing
  • Older People
  • Refugees
  • Relief of Hardship
  • Sports

Looking for advice?

We are always happy to advise if your proposed project/activity would be a good fit with our funds and programmes. Please contact us to discuss.

Which types of projects/ activities will HCF not fund?

Grants will not normally be made to support the following types of activity:

  • Arts projects with no community or charitable element
  • Medical research
  • Religious groups seeking to influence people’s religious choices
  • General appeals
  • Direct replacement of statutory funding
  • Political groups or activities promoting political beliefs
  • Sports projects with no community or charitable element

Which types of organisation can apply?

Your group does not have to be a registered charity but must have charitable or social benefit aims. We expect an organisation to have the following as appropriate:

  • A written constitution/set of rules that sets out the organisation’s purpose, and how it is managed.
  • A list of those involved in running the organisation, including trustees if appropriate.
  • A copy of your most recent annual accounts or financial records showing the balance of funds, income and expenditure. If you do not have financial records that cover a full year, please contact us to discuss this prior to making an application.
  • A bank account in the name of the organisation with at least two signatories, and original bank statements. Alternatively, if you belong to a small organisation that does not have a bank account, another charitable organisation could look after the funds for you. But you must provide written authorisation from the organisation that will do this.
  • A safeguarding policy if your organisation works directly with children or vulnerable adults.
  • An equal opportunities policy if your organisation employs staff.

Can Community Interest Companies or Social Enterprises apply?

Organisations set up as Community Interest Companies, or a recognised Social Enterprise must demonstrate that they have clear charitable or social purposes and that their work has a defined social benefit.

Can faith-based organisations apply?

We do not give grants for promotion of any religion. However, faith-based organisations may still be funded if the grant benefits the wider community and is not intended to influence people’s religious choices or promote a particular belief system.

Can national organisations apply?

We give priority to small, local organisations whose work benefits people in Herefordshire. However, national charities with a base in the area and a significant local presence can apply if the grant is for the benefit of local people.

Can schools apply?

We will only award funding for school-based activities that are outside the scope of statutory provision.

Can individuals apply?

Most of our grants are made to organisations with charitable purposes. However, some of our Funds can award grants to individuals. If you are applying as an individual, please get in touch with our grants team:
01432 272550

Will Herefordshire Community Foundation award a grant that contributes towards a larger project involving multiple funders?

We can award grants toward such projects. However, your group must have the majority of necessary funding secured or you will need to demonstrate a realistic plan for securing the rest of the funding shortly after an HCF grant is awarded.

Will Herefordshire Community Foundation award a grant to cover the cost of activities that have already taken place?

No, we cannot fund any activity retrospectively.

Can an organisation submit applications to more than one Fund?

Groups can apply to more than one Fund if funding is needed for multiple activities, or more than one aspect of a single activity. However, we discourage the submission of duplicate applications to multiple Funds. Please get in touch with the team to discuss your funding requirements and we will determine which Fund (or combination of Funds) is the best fit.