Herefordshire Community Foundation supports community-based work with a charitable purpose that improves the quality of life for people in our communities. Our grants support activities which benefit people who are disadvantaged due to poverty, disability, age, location or culture.

Most of our funding is within Herefordshire, but we sometimes support projects in neighbouring countries, and across England and Wales.



Before submitting an application, please take time to read our general guidelines. We are keen to ensure that we do not waste your time. If you have any questions about eligibility, the application process or would like to discuss your application before you apply, contact our grants administrator on 01432 272550 or send us an email

We are always happy to help.

Additional information on community funding opportunities in Herefordshire can be found on this Herefordshire Council page.

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What should an organisation think about before applying?
  • Is there a clear need for your activity?
  • Are you able to provide the activity?
  • Are there other organisations already providing the activity/service that you could work with?
Can individuals apply?

Most of our grants are made to organisations with charitable purposes. However, some of our Funds can award grants to individuals. If you are applying as an individual, please get in touch with our grants team 01432 272550,

Which types of organisation can apply?

Your group does not have to be a registered charity but must have charitable aims. We expect an organisation to have the following as appropriate:


  • A written constitution/set of rules that sets out the organisation’s purpose, and how it is managed.
  • A list of those involved in running the organisation, including trustees if appropriate.
  • A copy of your most recent annual accounts or financial records showing the balance of funds, income and expenditure. If you do not have financial records that cover a full year, you will need to provide what records you have currently.
  • A bank account in the name of the organisation with at least two signatories, and original bank statements. Alternatively, if you belong to a small organisation that does not have a bank account, another charitable organisation could look after the funds for you. But you must provide written authorisation from the organisation that will do this.
  • A safeguarding policy if your organisation works directly with children or vulnerable adults.
  • An equal opportunities policy if your organisation employs staff.
Can Community Interest Companies or Social Enterprises apply?

Organisations set up as Community Interest Companies, or a recognised Social Enterprise must demonstrate that they have clear charitable purposes and that their work has a defined social benefit.

Can faith based organisations apply?

We do not give grants for promotion of any religion. However, faith based organisations may still be funded if the grant benefits the wider community and is not intended to influence people’s religious choices or promote a particular belief system.

Can national organisations apply?

We give priority to small, local organisations whose work benefits people in Herefordshire. However, national charities with a base in the area and a significant local presence can apply if the grant is for the benefit of local people.

Can schools apply?

We will only award funding for school-based activities that are outside the scope of statutory provision.

Which types of organisation cannot apply?

Grants will not normally be made to fund the following types of activity:

  • Animal welfare
  • Arts projects with no community or charitable element
  • Direct replacement of statutory funding
  • Medical research
  • Political groups or activities promoting political beliefs
  • Religious groups seeking to influence people’s religious choices
  • Sports projects with no community or charitable element
  • General appeals
Will Herefordshire Community Foundation award a grant that contributes toward a larger project involving multiple funders?

We can award grants toward such projects. However, your group must have the majority of necessary funding secured or you will need to demonstrate a realistic plan for securing the rest of the funding shortly after an HCF grant is awarded.

Will Herefordshire Community Foundation award a grant to cover the cost of activities that have already taken place?

No, we cannot fund any activity retrospectively.

Can an organisation submit applications to more than one Fund?

Groups can apply to more than one Fund if funding is needed for multiple activities, or more than one aspect of a single activity. However, we discourage the submission of duplicate applications to multiple Funds.


How is an application submitted?

You can apply online using the link below. You will need a valid email address to be able to do this. Alternatively, you can request a hard copy of the application form to be sent by post by contacting our office on 01432 272550

When can an application be submitted?

Some of our Funds assess grant applications at set times throughout the year. Others do not have a deadline and an application can be submitted at any time. Please refer to the guidelines of each specific Fund.

What questions will be asked in the application form?

Listed below are the main areas we ask about in our grant application form.

  • About yourself – if you are an organisation, your overall objectives and purpose, and the activities or service you provide, as well as information about the organisation’s experience and the impact of your previous work.
  • The project: what need(s) will be addressed by your project, and what evidence have you collected to demonstrate this need? When will it take place, and where?
  • Who will benefit from the project, what positive changes will your activity/project make, and how will you measure these?
  • Why your group/organisation is best placed to deliver the project/activity, and why you are confident in your ability to make the project succeed.
  • Funding – how much money are you asking for, and what you expect to spend this on. We will also ask about the total cost of your project, and other sources of support.
  • Have you applied to us for a grant before?


What will the assessment involve?

When assessing an application, we will look at:

  • Whether the application provides evidence of a clear need to be addressed
  • How the activity fits with existing services/activities in the community
  • Does the project appear achievable
  • Whether the activity is value for money, and appropriately costed
  • The financial position and sustainability of the applicant organisation
  • As part of our checks and due diligence, we will look at your filing history at Companies House, and any complaints raised against your charity at the Charity Commmission
  • References provided by you will be taken up
What happens next?
Step 1:

We aim to acknowledge receipt of your application in seven working days. The application is passed to a member of the grants team. Our grant administrator may get in touch to ask for more information or to arrange a meeting to discuss the application. This can help strengthen the chance of success, and allows you to build a relationship with us through personal contact. If you are contacted, we do require a prompt response in a suitable timescale. Failure to respond within the agreed timescale may result in withdrawal or rejection of your application.

Step 2:

Applications will be looked at by the Fund panel that we identify as fitting your request, and then sent to the Board of Trustees of the Herefordshire Community Foundation for final approval.

Step 3:

We aim to give you a decision within four to six weeks of your application arriving at HCF, although sometimes it can take a bit longer. You will be informed of decisions by letter, but you may also want to keep in touch with us by phone or email. We always advise planning ahead, with submission of applications at least three months before funding is needed. However, we can reach decisions rapidly if circumstances require urgent funding or an immediate response.

How are grants paid?

Grants are paid directly into the grant recipient’s bank account by BACS transfer.

How long do grant recipients have to take up and spend the grant?

Once a grant offer has been made the recipient must start spending the grant within three months of the date of the grant offer letter. If you have been unable to do this, or the grant cannot be used for the purpose for which it was awarded, you must inform us of the situation as soon as possible.

Once a grant is awarded can a grant recipient change what it is spent on?

By signing the grant acceptance form, you agree to use the grant only for the purposes described in the grant offer letter. If there is a change in your organisation’s circumstances that affects the way the grant can be spent, you must contact us straightaway to discuss this. We will try to be as helpful as possible.

Are grant recipients expected to report back on the use of the grant?

Yes, monitoring reports are required to confirm that the grant has been used appropriately, and to assess the impact of the activity on the identified need. As well as information contained in the monitoring form, tangible evidence of the progress of the project, such as publicity material, photographs and feedback from users can be submitted. You should try to include copies of receipts for purchases etc., if appropriate to support how you spent the money.

We may also arrange to visit your group as part of the monitoring process.

No further grants will be awarded to a group until all outstanding monitoring reports are satisfactorily completed and returned to Herefordshire Community Foundation.


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