Surviving Winter Fund

Launched in 2011, this Fund is now needed more than ever.

About the Surviving Winter Fund

Applications are considered on an ongoing, rolling basis, meaning you can apply at any time.

The Fund is designed to help vulnerable households cope with the rising cost of living through fuel grants and to help community spaces stay warm and welcoming.

A note on applications

For warmer spaces: Grant applications will be accepted directly from community ‘warm spaces’. Priority will be given to projects supporting people experiencing homelessness, older people, disabled people and young families in need, as well as those providing meals to those suffering hardship.

For individual households: Applications will need to be made by a referral organisation or care professional with first-hand knowledge of who is most in need – for example, Citizens Advice Bureau, local food bank, social worker, debt advisor or employment coach. Priority will be given to those who are vulnerable, disabled, supporting young children or suffering with long-term illness and conditions.

Apply for community grant

Community projects can apply direct here

Apply for household grant

Grants to individuals/grants must be made via a referral organisation