Dear Herefordshire Community Foundation,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your generosity in helping me fund my internship to Shanghai, it was incredibly kind of you to help provide me with such a wonderful opportunity. My degree is my passion. I have always been encouraged by my lecturers to seek sector-specific experience throughout my studies.

Within my sector, internships provide one with invaluable experiences that excel your employability prospects and I would strongly encourage anyone to embrace the opportunity. I achieved a two-month unpaid internship in Shanghai for Michael Kors and Horizon Marketing and Advertising Consultancy.  Without your funding it was very unlikely that I would have been able to complete such an opportunity.

I worked Monday to Friday where I was preparing company reports, brand books, developing strategies, presenting to major clients and styling photoshoots, surrounded by incredibly creative and inspirational individuals. My weekends were spent exploring such a fast-paced and vast city, as well as the culture that China had to offer.

Working in such a fast-paced environment has helped me develop a cultural understanding in the Chinese market and develop highly-sought professional skills such as initiative, communicational skills and adaptability that will positively impact my studies. I attended intensive Mandarin classes twice a week to immerse and increase myself in language proficiency.

Interning in Shanghai has been an incredibly advantageous component to my academic life but has also enriched my personal development. From touring the ‘Venice of the East’ to climbing the Great Wall of China, I was fortunate enough to be exploring the culture and history of this remarkable country. I also made sure I had enough time to taste the cuisine, attend fashion shows and exhibitions!

I was fortunate enough to spend a weekend in Beijing where I climbed the Mutianyu section of the Great Wall (shown above), visited Tiananmen Square, the Forbidden City and the Summer Palace. This experience for me was a true highlight of the trip. The breath-taking views of the Wall were certainly memories I will cherish forever.

LabelHood Youtopia Fashion Show with Queennie Yang, Editor of Business of Fashion as Head Judge and Guest Speaker.

Dior Love N’ Roses Exhibition, Shanghai

Looking out of the office to the bustling hub of ‘The Bund’ (shown here) and East Nanjing Road (a true testament to this speedy city!) I soon realised that it is incredibly important to remember that it does not matter who you are interning for or where it is, most importantly, it is the skill set that you take away from the role.

Completing an internship abroad demonstrates a willingness to step outside of your comfort zone; an incredibly desirable prospect to an employer. Not only will you gain invaluable insights into the roles and your industry, but you will experience something unique.

My overall experience in Shanghai has been a pivotal moment in my studies and I truly believe that it will equip me with the desirable skills for my future. I cannot thank you enough for your funding that has contributed to my experience of a lifetime.

The people, experiences and memories that I have taken away from this opportunity are ones that I will cherish forever and will have great impact on my studies and future career.

Yours Sincerely,