A single mother who has been on benefits has now started a Blacksmithing and Metalwork Level 2 course at Hereford College in September. This is thanks to funding from the Much Marcle Consolidated Charities Fund and the Herefordshire Education Fund.

Sending us pictures of her ‘in action’ she also sent us a lovely email of thanks showing how much difference this has made.

“Hi there.

I have a few more shots of me, but this time in the fabrication room. I was making a little shovel.

Once again I cannot thank you enough. I am on a steep learning curve and am loving every moment of it. After 20 years of wanting this, I am quite literally living the dream. And I’ve also made some new friends.

Thank you all so much.”


And the finished products!


“Not bad for a first attempt, even if I do say so myself.”

We certainly agree!