Household Support Fund

The Household Support Fund helps vulnerable households cope with the rising cost of living through fuel grants as well as grants for essential household appliances, such as cookers and washing machines.

We administer this programme on behalf of Herefordshire Council with funding from Department of Work & Pensions.

Two pensioners sitting by a fire, trying to warm up

About The Household Support Fund

This Fund awards grants of up to £500.

To access a grant, an online application will need to be made on behalf of an individual/family in need by a referral organisation or care professional such as Citizens Advice Bureau, local food bank, social worker, debt advisor or employment coach. Payments are then made direct to the utility company or via your pre-paid meter. White goods are purchased directly from the provider.

Who can apply?

The fund is open to all Herefordshire Households, who may receive this grant once every 12 months. Applications for beneficiaries who have received this within the last year, will not be considered for an award.


If you are interested in applying to this Fund, please contact us to discuss.