HCF supports wellbeing of children and young people by subsidising special training for schools

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HCF’s Mental Health Fund will be subsidising special training for local primary and secondary schools

Local schools are being given the opportunity to receive subsidised training on a nationally-recognised programme designed to help pupils build emotional wellbeing and resilience.

The five-day Emotional Literacy Support Assistant (ELSA) Training helps teaching assistants to develop and deliver individualised support to meet the emotional needs of the children in their care. With access to ongoing networking and termly supervision with an educational psychologist, the usual cost is £600 per teaching assistant. However, schools in the county will only have to invest £150, thanks to the subsidy from Herefordshire Community Foundation.

Commenting on the scheme, Kamran Khan, Principal Educational Psychologist at Herefordshire Council, ” A wealth of research indicates the life-long benefits of strong early relationships on wellbeing and mental health. Our ELSA training is extremely well regarded and equips teaching assistants to nurture the children they work with. We have had excellent feedback from those that we have trained so far, which means we have a group of caring, sensitive and emotionally attuned staff working with in local schools with some of our most vulnerable children. We are thrilled that Herefordshire Community Foundation recognises the importance of investing in and growing this support which will help us make a positive impact in even more schools.”

Bridie Sullivan, Chief Executive, Herefordshire Community Foundation, said, ” There is striking evidence demonstrating how evidence showing how ELSA training is helping UK schools to improve the emotional wellbeing of young pupils. We are very pleased to create the opportunity for local primary and secondary schools to receive dedicated training which will ultimately mean that children can learn better and feel happier.”

The HCF Mental Health Fund was set up in 2020 to provide financial aid to early intervention projects that help the mental health, emotional wellbeing and resilience of those in Herefordshire. especially children and young people. The Fund is open for donations and welcomes all contributions, large and small. Donate here.

To find out more about Emotional Literacy Support Assistant (ELSA) training for teaching assistants contact caryl.griffiths@herefordshire.gov.uk