Logistics Aid Fund

Help fund the transport of essential goods and emergency relief to those in urgent need.

Facilitating transport to emergency zones

The Logistics Aid Fund was set up to facilitate the transport of essential goods and emergency relief from Herefordshire to Ukraine and bordering countries.

Since early March 2022, the Fund has supported the delivery aid to Ukraine, pulling together drivers and lorries, and raising money to pay for fuel. Vehicles have been sent out on a near weekly basis, delivering aid, such as medicines, blankets, and nappies, to the Ukrainian border.

To keep this going, we need more financial support. Each trip costs thousands of pounds in fuel.

How you can help

  • Give a one-off donation
  • Offer your services as a HGV 1 driver to deliver aid
  • Set up a regular donation
  • Provide a vehicle for the charity to use (7.5 tonne or above)


This Fund is open for donations and all contributions are very much appreciated.