Fuel Poverty Appeal

Help us to help vulnerable household who are struggling with energy costs and also help us ensure community spaces stay warm and welcoming to all.

For warmer homes & community spaces

As fuel, energy and food costs continue to rise, many are facing a tough time.

Your donation will helping community spaces to stay warm and to keep welcoming local residents. And you will be helping  those who are suffering hardship, particularly those who are vulnerable, disabled, supporting young children or suffering with long-term illness and conditions

We’ve raised funds to support energy costs for the past 11 years but the situation is more acute than ever. Every penny raised will help those who need it. 

The current crisis impacts everyone but lower income households are hit hardest. In Herefordshire 17% of households are already considered fuel poor, this is likely to rise to a staggering 28% this winter.

How can you help?

  • Donate your winter fuel allowance
  • Give whatever you feel you can afford or spare


This Fund is open for donations and all contributions are very much appreciated.