On 8th March 2022


at Rendcomb Airfield, Cirencester



Special thanks to Pilot Dave, and AeroSuperBatics for kindly donating their services.

I feel sick every time I think about this challenge. Conquering my fears to go wing-walking is very hard, but I am determined. I suffer from vertigo so anything at height is a horrible thought.

Having recognised over the last year that mental health is an omnipresent difficulty for so many I am determined to help Herefordshire charities who do so much, particularly in this arena.

My friend Jane, High Sheriff of Gloucestershire, is ‘walking’ with me. She lost her son Carlie to suicide shortly before she became High Sheriff last year. She will be raising parallel funds for mental health charities in Gloucestershire.

A live video will be streamed on my High Sheriff accounts. 

Jo Hilditch

Jo Hilditch, High Sheriff of Herefordshire

Jane Tufnell, High Sheriff of Gloucestershire

Please sponsor Jo by donating below to the HCF High Sheriff’s Fund. This supports social cohesion and helps individuals and communities thrive across Herefordshire. Funding is personally allocated by the current High Sheriff.

Jo is keen that this year’s applications should address a particular need. It could be an item or a service e.g. marketing, website design. Projects from £100 to £2,000.

The closing date for all applications is 18th March 2022.