Covid-19 Recovery Plan, Community and Personal Resilience – Round Two


Herefordshire Community Foundation is pleased to be administering the Community and Personal Resilience Grant Scheme on behalf of Herefordshire Council.



Target is for assessments to take place week beginning 13 June with offer letters to go out by the end of June 2022.

The VCSE sector has provided exceptional support to our communities across Herefordshire during the pandemic and many organisations have experienced an increase in demand and higher complexity in the support needed. A survey of the sector in 2020 indicated that 43% of organisations had seen an increase in demand for their services and 61% required support to access income generation opportunities and had funding requirements.

As part of the Covid 19 Recovery Plan, Herefordshire Council has also commissioned an extensive review of the VCSE sector, which includes scoping and mapping activity, a greater understanding of the impact of Covid 19, the issues the sector currently faces and future challenges and opportunities. Emerging findings have been used to inform this second round of the Community and Personal Resilience Grant.

See details of Herefordshire’s Covid-19 Recovery Plan. Useful sources of intelligence and research, including the Talk Community Wellbeing Survey 2021, can be found on Understanding Herefordshire.


The overall aim of the Community and Personal Resilience Fund is to…

Build and accelerate projects that seek to improve the overall health and wellbeing across all ages of the Herefordshire population and improve the lives of those most affected fastest, by working in partnership with the VCSE.


The following criteria have been developed since the initial round of this grant scheme in response to further engagement with residents, VCSE organisations and other key partners.

We are looking for activity or services which meet one or more of the following:

  • Help get your clients, service users, members re-engaged in your group/organisation as we learn to live with Covid 19.
  • Increase the sustainability of your organisation. This could include improved marketing/promotion of your services and activities; initiatives to increase volunteer recruitment and retention.
  • Contribute to the development of sustainable solutions to help address long term issues exacerbated by Covid 19 such as fuel and food poverty.
  • Develop practical approaches/initiatives to collaborative working across the sector or other sectors.
  • Activity/services for families, children and young people.
  • Appropriate VCSE support focusing on prevention and early intervention to improve health outcomes and reduce health inequalities…

Health issue – Geographic Area (see the Primary Care Network)

Obesity – Herefordshire
Depression and anxiety – Herefordshire
Frailty in older people – North and West; East; South and West
Dementia – North and West; South and West
Alcoholism in adults – East

Informed by priorities identified by PCN area to address local health inequalities.

Applicants will need to be able to demonstrate that they are responding to unmet need. It may also be beneficial for you to discuss your project proposal with your local Talk Community Development Officer (please see below):

Aimee Williams
01432 383068

Elaine Edwards
01432 383030
Philippa Lydford
01432 261640

Karen Stanton
01432 260463
Jess Howdle
01432 260548


Outcomes to be achieved through the grants scheme are…

  • Increased numbers of people supported to address the adverse personal impact on them by Covid 19.
  • Increased mental health and wellbeing of Herefordshire residents adversely impacted by Covid 19.*
  • Fewer people feeling lonely and isolated.*
  • Increased resilience of community organisations to respond to the needs of local residents.
  • Increased capacity of the VCSE sector to build individual and community resilience.

* Projects will need to be able to demonstrate these outcomes through a recognised method such as:


What can the grant be used for?

You can apply for a grant to fund any activity, service or equipment, that will increase VCSE capacity to improve the lives of those residents and communities which have been adversely impacted by COVID 19. You may include core costs where they are required to deliver the project.

You should note the following before submitting your application…

  • Projects will need to demonstrate the need for their proposal and how it will improve resilience for individuals, communities or organisations delivering services and activities to benefit individuals/communities.
  • Support provided must be a new activity (or an existing one which you are seeking to develop or expand), be free of charge to participants and inclusive.
  • We welcome project ideas delivering activities to residents of any age anywhere in the county.
  • We will consider both communities of place and interest.
  • You will need to complete the project by 31 December 2022 with all expenditure defrayed by this date. You will therefore need to demonstrate when you submit your application that your project is ready to go and that you will be able to undertake it within the time period. You need to demonstrate that your costs are realistic and value for money.
  • You will need to consider sustainability and ongoing support for residents and communities at the end of the project.
  • We will consider projects which focus on increasing/building back an organisation’s capacity if it can show that it will benefit residents/communities adversely affected by COVID 19.
  • The fund cannot be used for statutory provision.
How much can I apply for and when?

The maximum amount of grant that can be applied for is £10,000. Applicants successful in Round One can reapply so long as they are seeking funding for a different project/activity. Although we are not specifying a lower level, we want projects which will be both value for money and have a significant impact.

Match funding is encouraged to demonstrate wider support by other partners but is not required for this grant.

When can you apply?

This funding round is open now.

Who can apply?

We will accept applications from one of the following:

  • Voluntary and community organisations
  • Registered charities
  • Charitable Incorporated Organisations (CIO)
  • Not-for-profit companies
  • Community Interest Companies (CIC)
  • Parent Teacher Associations

The organisation must already be working with their local community and have a demonstrable track record of delivery. It must also have a constitution or similar governing document, a bank account and be able to show 12 months’ worth of accounts.

How to apply and deadline

Herefordshire Community Foundation are administering the grant on behalf of Herefordshire Council. Applications to be made via this page using the link at the bottom.

All applications must be received by Friday 13 May 2022. Target is for assessments to take place week beginning 13 June with offer letters to go out by the end of June 2022.

What happens next?

Once received, Herefordshire Community Foundation will acknowledge receipt of your grant application by email. The grant application will be assessed by our Grants Officer who will make recommendations either for the application to be approved or rejected, or you may be asked for further information to support your application.

Grant applications are assessed on their individual merit by an independent panel against the grant funding eligibility criteria, the impact of the project and that it demonstrates value for money.

Based on your application and any further information you may have been asked to provide, we will advise you of the decision to either:

  • Offer a grant.
  • Offer a grant with some specific conditions.
  • Reject the application detailing the reasons why the application was not accepted.

As this is a discretionary grant with limited funds the panel’s decision is final. There is no appeals process, however it does not preclude you from applying for other funding.

When Can I Start My Project?

When you receive your offer by email, this will set out how much grant Herefordshire Council are prepared to offer and detailing any specific conditions. If you are happy to accept the grant offer and associated conditions, you will need to email back confirmation of your acceptance. You can commence once we have received your confirmation.

You will be required to keep all paperwork relating to the grant spend, e.g. tender/procurement information (quotes), all invoices, receipts, cheque stubs and bank statements. You will be required to monitor and report on progress towards achieving the outcomes outlined in your grant application. You will also be required to participate in any ongoing evaluation of the Covid-19 Recovery Fund.

What are Grant Offer Terms & Conditions?

Terms and conditions of the grant will be sent with the application form and again if you are offered a grant.

Key points to consider are:

  • You should not start your project until you have sent your acceptance of the terms and conditions.
  • You should keep all paperwork relating to your project, i.e. all invoices, receipts and bank statements.
  • Information relating to user feedback and progress towards the outputs of your project should also be kept.
  • Eligible expenditure is that which has been paid on invoices or receipts that have been defrayed and are dated after the offer letter has been agreed by all parties.
  • Other specific conditions of grant will be included with your offer if applicable.
How do I submit my claim for payment?

You can claim the grant payment as soon as you have signed and returned your offer letter, subject to meeting any conditions which have been specified prior to receipt of the grant.

When do I need to submit my monitoring report?

Once all the grant funding in your application has been spent you will need to complete a monitoring report within four weeks of completion.

This will need to summarise how the grant has been spent with reference to the fund criteria, the outcomes achieved, and a breakdown all the income received and all the expenditure incurred.

There will be a simple online form for you to submit.